House of

House of


Singular restaurants
in the image of the restaurant owners
who make them live

The Murat, the Café La Jatte, the Gallopin, the River Café or Mamacita,
as many addresses of the Parisian life
as pleasure to receive you every day.

Le Murat, le Café La Jatte, le Gallopin,
le River Café ou encore Mamacita,
autant d’adresses incontournables de
la vie parisienne et francilienne que
de plaisir à vous recevoir chaque jour.

United by the table…


Loving people
can't be invented

The restaurant business is great. We do it because we love
les gens qui travaillent les bons produits et les gens qui savent les savourer.

For those who share this love of the profession, we have built
a house that represents them.

A house that does not compromise between product, place
et le service que l’on offre à nos invités.

A house that houses the icons of Parisian gourmet and festive life
and makes them cross eras and generations
with the same requirement to do things right.

As you can see, here we celebrate the men and women
who keep alive the values of what a good restaurant should be.

House of passionate restaurateurs.

The team

Never compromise
on compromise on
the product, ever.

This trio was built on a foundation of shared values between these three strong personalities.

Mathieu BUCHER and Mathieu SCHERRER met behind the stoves of Les Crayères in Reims in 1999 and have been together ever since. Rémy MALET joined the duo in 2013 to help Maison Bucher structure and develop. This young and dynamic team is still looking for new projects in a reasonable and reasonable spirit!

Mathieu Scherrer

Executive Head

Mathieu Bucher


Rémy Malet

Director General

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